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The Story So Far...

Formerly known as Dick Whiskey and the Bottle Openers, Smokey Bellows is an aggressive hard rock / blues and folk fusion led by frontman, Nicholas Bigatel.  Calling Pittsburgh, PA, their home, Nicholas is joined by lead guitarist Brian Zalewski (from pop-punk band Before You) and bassist Kevin Harvey and multi-instrumentalist Tom Rinn, both from the post-hardcore band Worn Colors.  Filling out the percussion duties is Andy Collier and washboard extraordinaire, Nick's sister, Meredith Bigatel.


Their debut album, "Half Lucid and the Other Half" is a hard Gothic folk blend that features long smooth guitar riffs, a melodic flood of bleak lyrics, and the deep energetic growls of Bigatel.  The success of the album earned the group acclaim from CBS Local as a "Best Up-and-Coming Band".   


Their follow up EP, "Devil" is a far heavier, focused effort.  Louder, with banging percussion from Collier, Bigatel growls and screams his way through a short and sweet, doomsday trip across our media obsessed culture.  


Performing live all over the city, Smokey Bellows is guaranteed to rock a spell on the crowd, much like the subject of their blistering rendition of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ “I Put A Spell On You,” a particularly sinister fixture of the bands’ recent sets.



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